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Over 20 years ago Dr. Prus was sidelined with a sports injury and he was out of the office almost 11 months. That event taught him more than any other event in his life about value structure. The wisdom of the day said being out of the office for one month would have patients vacating the practice to find another doctor. That concerned Dr. Prus greatly as his return took almost a year. He was gratifyingly surprise that he returned to work to find not a single patient had left the practice. That was the cornerstone experience that has dictated his philosophy of practicing dentistry throughout his career: do it with Integrity, utilize your Experience for patient benefit and do it with a Personal Touch. Each is a valuable component to his thriving dentist-patient relationship.

The accident also provided an insight into life that does not happen to everyone. He quickly recognized how quickly things can change in life and to value what he has: his life, his good health, great wife and family and wonderful staff and his loyal patients.

Dr. Prus also had the enviable opportunity to have had as one of his patients in Manhattan an individual woman who was honored with the Presidential Medal of Freedom award, our nation's highest civilian award. Her empirical and steadfast goals of acting in behalf of others have influenced Dr. Prus in every aspect of his life. He brought that attitude into his treatment of his patients. He wants the best for them as he would for himself. If he suggests a treatment it would be the same for himself or a family member should they be in the same situation. The patient testimonials attest to that (Testimonials). He believes in going the extra mile for them, providing dental care that endures, even for a lifetime. In his mind good dentistry is not good enough; only excellence is.

Personally he credits the origin of that attitude to his mother, and it was further nurtured when he met his wife, Susanne, who, along with her own mother, epitomize the values of honesty, love and effort in the behalf of others. EVERYBODY loves his Susi. They have been married an all too quick 49 years and have two grown sons.

Dr. Prus is a highly active person loving sports both for the fun of it and for the long-life value of it. His mom was a feisty 97 when she passed and the family tree is similarly blessed with many members 95 or older. He intends to keep up the family legacy. He has been a strong and avid biker for over 40 years and loves skiing, hiking and enjoys multi-day backpacking with his grown sons. Throw a surf wave in front of him and he will probably do that too. In his mind being in nature rejuvenates the soul and keeps you grounded. He expects to be around a long time doing the dentistry he is so dedicated to and lives his life in concert with that feeling.

Dr. Prus is a Georgetown University graduate from both the College and Dental School. He is dedicated to his work and making life better for others. He has written frequently for newspapers and other publications on consumer topics in dentistry, how to be and stay healthy and be a smart consumer of dental services: Southern Dutchess News, Northern Dutchess News, Beacon Free Press, Hudson Valley Magazine (see Ask the Experts online), the New York Times Healthcare insert and others. Follow some of his writings here on this website in the ‘In the News’ (link). He has lectured nationally and internationally on evolving dental technologies and is constantly on the lookout for emerging technologies that will provide benefits for his patients and are not mere marketing fads.

Dr. Prus has been elected as a Top Dentist in the Hudson Valley since he first arrived in Hopewell Junction. It demonstrates the commitment and dedication he has to his work and his patients' health and well being.

In his career he has been involved with
• the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry
• the American and International Associations of Dental Research
• the Academy of Osseointegration
• the Academy of Periodontology
• the American Society of Lasers and Advanced Technology in Dentistry
• the New York Society of Ericksonian Psychiatry and Hypnosis
• the New York Academy of Dentistry,
• all local and regional dental societies
• an instructor of Dental Ethics at NYU Dental School  
• active community support: Give Back a Smile / Sunshine Kids Foundation (children with cancer) / New Horizons  (adults/children with developmental disabilities) / ADA Give Kids a Smile / St. Francis Hospital / community health fairs / annual Halloween candy drives at local schools (one school totaling 957 lbs one year) / health education in elementary and kindergarten schools, health clubs and hospitals / community day fairs on health care


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