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Natural beauty is more than the appearance of symmetrical harmony and balance in an object. It resides as well in how it flows within the medium in which it exists, with each part adding to the next to create the image of why it so perfectly belongs.  

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Does Your Smile...Match Your Style?©

You don't ever have to be embarrassed about your smile!

You can change it, rebuild it or totally restyle it. Whatever you need, you can make your amazing smile happen at the Center for Dental Excellence. Dr. Edward Prus worked for 30 years in Manhattan perfecting his aesthetic and rehabilitative dental skills so now you too can enjoy the beauty and benefits of the smile of your dreams.


Patients of Dr. Prus

Lasting Beauty...a Lifetime of Smiles©


"I spent many years studying the visual dynamics of facial aesthetics so I can provide the very best of cosmetic dentistry to my patients. Cosmetic dentistry involves subtle, sophisticated applications of dental ceramics that elegantly, harmoniously and naturally flow within the symmetry of your face. It is a seamless blend of art and science that displays a natural, healthy beauty in the smile you always dreamed of and aspired for." Dr. Edward Prus

Listen to what his patients are saying about what makes Dr. Prus' work at CDE so special.

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Health and Beauty are Synonymous

The greatest value of a beautiful smile from Dr. Edward Prus at the Center for Dental Excellence is you can enjoy it for a lifetime. You will learn to  achieve total oral health at the CDE which will keep your smile looking its best year after year. But Dr Prus wants you to do more than achieve health and a beautiful smile. He also wants you to know HOW TO BE HEALTHY…to have knowledge about your dental health and create your own protocols for your mouth and ensure your continued health.

As his patients testify, he will eagerly help you understand all your options before you decide on your treatment. Your confidence in your decision is assured.  His helpful staff will always support you through every step of your dental care. They take great personal pleasure in serving your every dental need.

Services Overview

How We Help You: 

Center for Dental Excellence and Dr. Prus can provide you with a full range of AESTHETIC, COSMETIC, RESTORATIVE, IMPLANT and RECONSTRUCTIVE PROCEDURES:

Additional Dental Services

  • Anxiety Control: Anxious and fearful patients are Dr. Prus’ favorite patients. He takes great satisfaction helping them move past their fears to an entirely new, relaxed and better way to experience and enjoy dental care. You will be forever changed for the better. Besides using plenty of TLC along with his compassionate staff, Dr. Prus is highly trained in all levels of dental hypnosis. He helps his patients work through and eliminate their dental fears and anxieties which have held them back from enjoying dental health and beauty they have so badly wanted but were afraid to achieve. It is so much easier than you think. 
  • Endodontics: root canal therapy
  • General dentistry: all restorative and related dental care procedures
  • Pedodontics: children’s dentistry
  • Family dentistry: warm and friendly dental care for the entire family starting with the youngest child to the oldest adult
  • Orthodontics: In-house anterior tooth movement (Inman Aligner)

 And by referral to the finest area specialists:

  • Oral surgery: complex extractions of impacted teeth, bone grafting, implant placement   
  • Orthodontics for full mouth orthodontic care using Invisalign or ceramic brackets
  • Orthognathic dentistry: realignment of facial bony structures when they are misaligned. This may sometimes correct the entire facial, functional and aesthetic problems of the mouth in one procedure.

As this website continues to grow, it will serve as a comprehensive source of information. Dr. Prus has written for years on consumer related dental topics to help you better understand your mouth and the value of the services you receive. Please enjoy the process.


Dr. Edward Prus
Center for Dental Excellence
2529 Rt. 52,  Ste. 1, Heritage Square
Hopewell Junction, NY 12533
845-227-7787 (227-PRUS)


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