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What Patients are saying about Dr. Prus and the Center for Dental Excellence

 Dr. Prus takes great pride in the enduring relations he has with his patients. The entire staff is dedicated to providing the very best possible professional care with warmth, empathy, understanding and total integrity.  We understand your concerns, needs and especially your anxiety. We will attend to you with full understand of what is most important to you. That is how we continue to enjoy, year after year, our loyal patients. Read some of their comments below.

"It is always our pleasure to serve you."

Dr. Prus,
You are beyond amazing. As you know, we have met more doctors over the past 3 years than we care to admit. You stand apart from all of them.
How you have managed over the years to remain such an exceptionally personable doctor who still “cares” about his patients is truly remarkable. It is a gift that I trust you work on all the time. We are blessed to have crossed paths with you. From the bottom of my heart, I want to thank you for taking the energy to care about your work and for caring about my husband. Your disposition and sincerity make it so much easier for him to have to go to yet another doctor’s appointment.

Thank you again and again.

Linda M.

Linda M.

“I SHOULD BE THANKING YOU!!! You and your staff have ALWAYS given 200 plus percent when it comes to giving the very best care. This is why I come all the way from New Orleans just to get the best skilled dental care in the Country!! I have been spoiled but I really appreciate your thoughtful time and effort picking me up (from the train station)!!!!
With the government reading all our emails…I hope they see this one to maybe help get the word out there that you, Dr. Prus, are the best!!!! Thank you again… Again thank you for the most knowledgeable tooth care I could ever receive!!! Big hug,”

Jean B., New Orleans

“For so long I prayed to find a dentist that I could feel comfortable with and make me smile a full smile. You are a perfectionist in your work. God sent me to you. Miracles happen (and) you are one of them. Your staff is above and beyond wonderful. Thank you, Dr. Prus, from the bottom of my heart for all you have done for me.”

Paula E. Wappingers Falls

“There is one thing that separates you from any office I’ve been in…your absolute integrity.”

N. Rosario NYC

“It was quite a leap of faith to embark on my oral reconstruction, but I am thrilled with your beautiful work and I know I made the right choice. Thank you so much.”

B. DeStefano, NYC

“It is rare that I can say it is a pleasure to come to the dental office, but I can honestly say this is one.”

P. Supino., NYC

“There is no one else I would trust with the care of my teeth.”

S. Lesser, Vienna Austria

"Being here is like being with family."

Z. Galeva NYC/Rumania

"Beautiful creations, yet invisible, that's the way dentistry should be done. It's a thrill to smile again."

I. Pandelli, Buenos Aires, Argentina

"I'm so happy and fortunate you are my dentist."

M. Wrobleski, Austin, Texas

“The minute I walked through the door, I loved this place.”

J. Fergus

"Dr. Prus is everything you would want in a dentist…empathetic, ingenious and even heroic in rescuing damaged teeth. He's not just a great technician, he is an artist."

J. Cerf NYC

"Dr. Prus is the perfect dentist for people who care deeply about their teeth. I am so grateful for his attention to my needs and schedule".

F. Hesselbein, Chair., Peter F. Drucker Foundation (Frances Hesselbein Leadership Institute), NYC

“Thanks a bunch. You and your staff are wonderful and I look forward to coming back for more work”.

A. Strothman, Pleasant Valley NY

“Can you believe this one: “It was the most relaxing root canal treatment I’d ever had. I was falling asleep with the headphone spa music”."

M. Cousins

“The Center for Dental Excellence I would say definitely lives up to their name. Dr. Prus and his staff are all so wonderful and helpful. They are great!"

S. Cristo

This was the most informative hygiene appointment I have ever had. I learned so much about taking care of myself.

S. E. new patient

“You have explained things to me more thoroughly than any dentist has ever done in my 77 year life. Now I can take care of my health and know I am doing a good job.”

J.Economu. NYC

“I have never been so happy to come to a dentist. I’m so happy to have a complete dental plan. Thank you! Thank you!”

M. Commons, Poughkeepsie

“The most fun I have ever had in a dental office.”

D. Monroe, Stormville, NY

“Every time I come here I could fall asleep. This is just perfect”

D. Mayo., Poughkeepsie

“I’d love to take this dental chair to my office. Co-workers would fight over it, it is so comfortable.”

Margaret K. Hopewell Junction

As always, great!!!

Douglas 9/6/2016

(five stars)...I'm really glad I found this office. The atmosphere is warm and welcoming. Bernadette the receptionist is very nice and very helpful. Kelly the hygienist was caring, very knowledgeable, took her time and went over issues that most dentists never do. Dr. Prus is also very nice and informative. I look forward to going back.

Margaret 6/17/2016 online review

(five stars)...It's always a pleasant experience when visiting th office. Wonderful and friendly people.

Nancy 6/12/2016 online review

(Five stars)...Dr Prus is a highly qualified practitioner. I would recommend him to everyone!!!

Stephen 5/11/2016 online review

(Five stars)...Very nice staff. Very professional. I have recommended them to several family members and friends and will continue to do so.

Daniel 5/7/2016 online review

(Five stars)...Everyone at this office is super friendly and welcoming. Dentist appointments are not something that I enjoy especially if a procedure is being done but the staff certainly makes me look forward to my appointment. Love these people and they certainly take pride in their jobs.

Karen 4/4/2016 online review

(Five stars)...Office staff is warm and attentive always. Dr. Prus aims to please. My hygienist does a superb job on my teeth and they've never looked better. Actually enjoying a trip to my dentist? Go figure!

Angela 4/6/2016 online review