Smile Analysis

Our Smiles Reflect our Emotions

What does it look like to others? How does it express our feelings? When it is physically damaged and looks the same to others, what does it say about who we are? How we feel about ourselves?

We all have feeling and emotions about how we look, to ourselves and to others. We have concern about our overall physical presence and the way we adorn ourselves with clothes. Do you have the same feeling about your smiles. The smile is so important because it is the most important way we express ourselves, more than any other ingredient. Our smile affects

  • your self-image
  • the perception others have about you and can
  • greatly influence the quality of your interactions with others

Look in the mirror and ask, "Does your Smile...Match your Style?

Do you hold back from laughing or smiling because you are uncomfortable with your smile. Would you feel the same way if you were wearing a pair of torn jeans or an old shirt? How important is your smile to you?

There are dental techniques available to solve any of these issues.  The following questions are designed to help you honestly appraise your smile.  When you are done give CDE and Dr. Prus a call. We will be happy to discuss your concerns with you and guide you toward your best solution.

Go to a mirror, smile as wide as you can, and ask yourself the following questions:

If you could would you like to change anything about the appearance of your teeth or smile?

Are you embarrassed to smile when photographed?

Are you self-conscious about your teeth or smile?

Do you cover your smile when laughing or smiling?

Are any of your teeth yellow, stained or somewhat discolored?

Would you like your teeth to be whiter?

Are any of your teeth rotated, tilted, crooked, or uneven?

Do any of your natural teeth appear too small, short, large or long?

Do you see any pitting, white spots or defects on the surfaces of your teeth?

Do your teeth look worn down, chipped or uneven, making you look older than you like?

Do you have any gaps or spaces between your teeth?

Are you missing any teeth?

Do you have any prior dental work that appears unnatural and makes your smile suffer?

Do you have any crowns or bridges that show a dark line at the gum edge?

Do you have any silver (mercury) fillings in your teeth that you would rather be tooth colored?

When you smile are the edges of your teeth irregular and uneven making your smile look crooked?

Do you feel your smile is too gummy?

Are your gums red, sore, puffy, bleeding or receded around your dental work?

Are any of your teeth sensitive to cold at the gumline?

Have your teeth been darkly stained since childhood?

If you answered YES to ANY of the questions above, there are often several alternatives to improve your teeth and smile. To receive a personalized response to your smile analysis, please complete the form below.

You can have the smile you’ve always wanted! To schedule a COMPLIMENTARY, office consultation , contact us and schedule your first visit TODAY.

Note: Messages sent using this form are not considered private. Please contact our office by telephone if sending highly confidential or private information.


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