Gums of Steel Photo Gallery

Perfect Periodontal Health Gallery

They are all on this gallery page for one reason: HEALTHY IN ANY SETTING
This is the health they achieved due to their success in our program. The teeth photographed here have yet to be cleaned at their regular hygiene appointment. Best of all...THIS CAN BE YOU...Just by Making an Appointment TODAY!

These photos are of real patients at the Center for Dental Excellence; real people with all kinds of mouths.  They are from a variety of ages, some young and some quite old.  Not all have beautiful, pearly white teeth that are straight and even; some are worn. They don't necessarily want them or need to have it that way for their lifestyles.  What they want is to be healthy. That is why they came to CDE. They know through their friends and family that regaining total health was only a phone call away.

These photos are all taken of patients who have successfully been through the non-surgical periodontal therapy program and have achieved their optimal oral health.  Photos show their gums before they received their routine hygiene appointment at CDE.

 These are but a small sampling of healthy mouths at CDE. Will the next photo be yours

Their teeth and gums are perfectly clean.  They have perfect periodontal health. They all have... GUMS OF STEEL...BEACHBODY GUMS!

  • no bleeding gums
  • no plaque or calculus on any surfaces of their teeth
  • no inflammation
  • gingival tissues are firm, tight to the tooth
  • Pink color shows health
  • close up photos show stippled gingival tissues = 100% healthy gums
  • all surfaces, inside or outside, lowers or uppers, smooth or irregular contours are all clean and healthy

These patients represent how well the non-surgical periodontal program works.  They have been taught the techniques of effective home care and have enthusiastically practiced it so they are clean and healthy not just the day of their hygiene appointment, but for every day of their lives.

Oral health improves bodily health.  When the health of the entire body improves your whole life will improve, and the cost of maintaining that level of health decreases year by year.  It is a great feeling to know you are in control of your lifeAny person who comes to the Center for Dental Excellence for periodontal care can achieve the same goals. 

With CDE oral health all the aesthetic and reconstructive care from Dr. Prus will last longer and keep looking beautiful for a lifetime of smiles.

When you have dental care in such a healthy environment it will look more beautiful, last longer and feel better.  What is not to like?

Make this level of health yours...start saving teeth for your lifetime... MAKE AN APPOINTMENT TODAY


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