Making Patients Healthy

Top Dentist in Hudson Valley

Dr. Edward Prus, contributing writer for The Dental Consumer column for over four years, is proud of being recognized as “top dentist in general dentistry” in the Hudson Valley Magazine. Dr. Prus and the Center for Dental Excellence (CDE) take great pride in this award they have received ever since their first year in the Hudson Valley.  This acknowledgement comes after 25 successful years of practicing the same comprehensive, preventive philosophy of dental healthcare in Manhattan.

Dr. Prus’ goal is to integrate each patient into their own unique treatment plan, from initial information gathering through all decision making and care. This cooperative interaction will provide each patient with valuable information on a subject that is not easily understood. Indecision and uncertainty are removed. Enthusiastic cooperation is the outcome.

Interactive care is extremely valuable to patients who have experienced emotionally traumatic dental care. Understanding they have an active voice in their care, fearful and anxious patients are often overwhelmed by a sense of relief as they assume increasing control over their care. Knowing and agreeing to each step in the course of treatment is valuable in establishing confidence in the dental environment. All of our patients have been greatly satisfied with this style of care.

Responsible involvement ensures the finest care available is made readily available to each patient. It is founded on the three pillars of optimal care

  • Maximized Prevention
  • Balanced Function
  • Elegant Esthetics

CDE dental care creates an oral environment that ensures comfort, health, beauty and durability for a lifetime of smiles.

The Center for Dental Excellence pampers each patient with amenities normally associated with elegant health spas: reclining in luxurious treatment chairs, aromatic scented rooms, customized music with high fidelity earphones…all designed to allow the patient to lose themselves in their dreams while we create the smile of their dreams.


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