Throughout his multi-decade career Dr. Prus has been an educator.

He has lectured to his professional colleagues on breaking scientific processes both nationally and internationally. When the process of dental bonding was still a research concept he lectured to his colleagues on its new found value and benefits. Today it is commonplace. When lasers were just introduced to dental care Dr. Prus teamed with specialists to lecture on ground breaking applications of the two novel ideas. He presented these findings at the prestigious Chicago Mid-Winter Dental Meeting, one of the most important meetings in dentistry.

Dr. Prus was one of the earliest dentists to incorporate computerization of patient files, simplifying record keeping and office procedures. He applied chairside magnification  for greater clinical precision and clarity in 1980, adding headlamp illumination soon afterward. He eagerly shared his knowledge of these technologies with fellow dentists to further their treatment skills.

But Dr. Prus knew patients also needed to be educated on the confusing topics of dental care so he contributed to multiple newspapers and magazines to educate consumers on what is best for them in the world of dentistry and how to separate the ‘storyline’ from reality. He has written in the New York Times Sunday Healthcare Supplement, authored and produced ‘The Dental Consumer’ column for 4 years in the Southern Dutchess News, Beacon Free Press and Northern Dutchess News: Healthy Lifestyles section, written additional consumer healthcare articles in Hudson Valley Magazine, a prime information source for the Hudson Valley, and is now an expert dental contributor in Hudson Valley Magazine’s “Ask the Expert” column. His last topic covered all the different ways a person can makeover their smile, from the simplest procedure to the most encompassing treatment plan. His next Ask the Expert topic will review all the most important questions consumers have on dental implants, and there are many. For additional, follow up information on these topics please continue to review this website page, as new articles will be added on a regular basis. In the near future Dr. Prus will be starting up his YouTube channel which will provide a much more in depth review and analysis of issues important to consumers.

This page in Dr. Prus’ website is all about making you a better dental consumer through knowledge. Knowledge is powerful. It creates in you the power to make wise choices and guide yourself in the direction you want to go with your dental health.


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