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The greatest value of a BEAUTIFUL SMILE is that it can last for a lifetime

Our goal for each patient is that they have a younger looking, healthier and lifelong smile


At the Center for Dental Excellence

Beautiful Smiles start with our patients' total oral and body health come first 

 It is only from a solid basis of dental health can the most beautiful smiles be created and endure. 

You can enjoy all that...Just by MAKING AN APPOINTMENT TODAY


Dr. Edward Prus provides A full range of dental services :

  • Esthetic dentistry and cosmetic smile makeovers: ceramic crowns, inlays, onlays and porcelain veneers to create beautiful, lasting smiles

  • Bonded, tooth colored cosmetic fillings        

  • Preventive dentistry specializing in: non-surgical periodontal therapy and holistic dental care

  • Tooth supported fixed porcelain crown and bridgework

  • Implants: crowns, bridges and dentures supported by implants

  • Full and partial removable dentures

  • Full-mouth reconstructive (rehabilitative) dentistry: rebuilding and revitalizing a broken down mouth

  • Endodontics: root canal therapy

  • General dentistry: Dr Prus is a general dentist who performs restorative dental care of all types 

  • Orthodontics: (braces, clear aligners--Invisalign, ClearCorrect)

  • Pedodontics: children’s dentistry

  • Family dentistry: starting with the youngest child to the oldest adult

  • Oral surgery: extractions, impacted teeth, grafting, implant placement

  • Orthognathic dentistry: realignment of facial boney structure when it is misaligned


The Center for Dental Excellence (CDE) also provides these additional comprehensive care services:

  • Nutritional counseling to help create a healthier diet for the entire body

  • TMJ Therapy for proper jaw joint function

  • Dental hypnosis, a natural, holistic alternative to sedation dentistry. Eliminate your dental anxiety and fear for good, not just one appointment.

  • CDE incorporates green environmental technology tailored to keeping the environment clean with the most advanced filtration devices to keep all mercury filling residues out of the residue water
  • CDE is a mercury-free dental office 
  • Digital x-ray radiography is used to minimize radiation exposure
  • Emergency Dental Care: we will treat you at the earliest possible opportunity. NO WAITING for an appointment