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Dr. Edward Prus

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Center for Dental Excellence

Lasting Beauty…a Lifetime of Smiles©


Practice Dedicated to Cosmetic, Implant and Reconstructive Dentistry


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The greatest value of a BEAUTIFUL SMILE is that it can last for a lifetime

Our goal for each patient is that they have a younger looking, healthier and lifelong smile 


Beautiful Smiles start with our patients' total oral and body health 



You can enjoy all that...Just by MAKING AN APPOINTMENT TODAY


Dr. Edward Prus provides A full range of dental services :


  • Esthetic dentistry and cosmetic smile makeovers: ceramic crowns, inlays, onlays and porcelain veneers to create beautiful, lasting smiles
  • Bonded, tooth colored cosmetic fillings        
  • Preventive dentistry specializing in: non-surgical periodontal therapy and holistic dental care
  • Tooth supported fixed porcelain crown and bridgework
  • Implants: crowns, bridges and dentures supported by implants
  • Full and partial removable dentures
  • Full-mouth reconstructive (rehabilitative) dentistry: rebuilding and revitalizing a broken down mouth
  • Endodontics: root canal therapy
  • General dentistry: Dr Prus is a general dentist who performs restorative dental care of all types 
  • Orthodontics: (braces, clear aligners--Invisalign, ClearCorrect)
  • Pedodontics: children’s dentistry
  • Family dentistry: starting with the youngest child to the oldest adult
  • Oral surgery: extractions, impacted teeth, grafting, implant placement
  • Orthognathic dentistry: realignment of facial boney structure when it is misaligned




The Center for Dental Excellence (CDE) also provides these additional comprehensive care services:



  • Nutritional counseling to help create a healthier diet for the entire body
  • TMJ Therapy for proper jaw joint function
  • Dental hypnosis, a natural, holistic alternative to sedation dentistry. Eliminate your dental anxiety and fear for good, not just one appointment.
  • CDE incorporates green environmental technology tailored to keeping the environment clean with the most advanced filtration devices to keep all mercury filling residues out of the residue water
  • CDE is a mercury-free dental office 
  • Digital x-ray radiography is used to minimize radiation exposure
  • Emergency Dental Care: we will treat you at the earliest possible opportunity. NO WAITING for an appointment